Re: [xml] libxml2 and CW8 on Mac OS X

Hello Steve,

thanx for the info.

Switching to CodeWarrior 9 and create a brand-new Mach-O project allowed me to use the libxml framework and compile+run testWriter.c in a few seconds...

My understanding is a CW project type of "Library" linking with the "Macintosh Power PC" linker can't use a framework...

I guess this will get me to move to CW9.



On 13 Dec 2005, at 4:22 PM, Steve Ball wrote:
Firstly, there is no equivalent to the Windows .lib file on Mac OS X. Mac OS X is a Unix environment, so you have either static or shared libraries. Mac OS X has a feature called "frameworks" - these are shared libraries with some additional packaging conventions to make the library easier to distribute and load.

The "Gnome libxml Combo" disk image provides a number of frameworks. I suggest you read the Apple documentation on frameworks, and check the CW doco to see if/how it supports frameworks. Since large parts of the Mac OS X system is in the form of frameworks (look in /System/Library/Frameworks), I'd be very surprised if CW does not allow you to link against a framework.

Steve Ball, Explain

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