[xml] libxml2 and CW8 on Mac OS X

Hello all,

I need to integrate libxml2 into a CodeWarrior 8.3 project on Mac.

On Windows, I was able to create a brand-new CW8.3 project that statically links against libxml2_a.lib (using the binary snapshot from http://www.zlatkovic.com/pub/libxml/). Using the headers and the .lib was not a problem.

How can I do the same on Mac?

How can I get Mac OS X to give me a .lib file like on Windows? CW8.3 will not recognize the file named "libxml" from the "Gnome libxml Combo" disk image (.dmg file I downloaded from http:// www.explain.com.au/oss/libxml2xslt.html) as a valid library to link against.

For the sake of it, I downloaded the tarball with the source and compiled it. However, I can't find any useful file to use in my Carbon Library.

Using Xcode is unfortunately not an option for me.

Is there a .mcp project file I can use to build libxml as a library CodeWarrior for Mac will recognize and allow me to link against?



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