Re: [xml] Escape characters

Thks Daniel.

An aditional questions about:
   Why "Reentrant"?
   Why need I to put a document? I can use a NULL xmlDocPtr?
   Because could be called from many threads at the same time?

Daniel Veillard escribió:

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 09:57:51AM +0100, Samuel Díaz García wrote:

Any help about this topic?

Samuel Díaz García escribió:

Sorry for this question, but I need to convert ISO string into its escaped version, replacing "&" with "&" and so on.
What are the APIs that allow me this step and the reverse step?
   encoding: interface for the encoding conversion functions
   points to
    which contains
    Do a global encoding of a string, replacing the predefined entities and non ASCII values with their 
entities and CharRef counterparts. Contrary to xmlEncodeEntities, this routine is reentrant, and result must 
be deallocated.


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