Re: [xml] Noob question

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 03:37:35PM +0000, Daine Mamacos wrote:
I've been playing with libxml2,
and I've managed to achieve pretty much everything I need to. the only thing I
can't seem to do, is get the length of the content inside a text/cdata node.
this is usuafull for allocating memory, or especially when you don't know what
kind of data is inside a CData section. I mean, it seems logical that you can
somehow get access to this information on a struct somewhere, as when you
create a cdata section you have to put a size in.

  The content is stored as a 0 terminated UTF-8 string. The lenght is not
available as a separate information, you can use strlen() or xmlStrlen()
on the node content string.


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