Re: [xml] memory usage question

I runned this problem earlier an actually using dictionary saves much much
much memory. We had XML file around 20000 same set of tags and it took
something like 200Mb after dictionary it took only 20mb. So Dictionary
removes these cumulative memory usages..
I think I should post a little example because i've been playing with this


ps. you can count: tag1 allocates 4 bytes memory without dictionary
everytime you create one (I can be wrong but that's how i understood this,
somebody correct me).. sounds little but makes very countable when talking
big junks of tags


Out of interest sake how will the memory usage differ if one was not
using a dictionary? And what is actually added into the dictionary?

If I have a big XML file containing lots of the same tags with small
bits of data within these tags how much benefit will a dictionary

  <item id="1">
    <tag1>Some data</tag1>


Say I have 20 000 of these items how much will the dictionary save?

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