Re: [xml] spaces in uri, again

Daniel Veillard wrote:

 This is extracted from runtest.c urip_testURLs and urip_rcvsURLs.
It think this check basic right behaviour for a number of cases we were usually breaking :-\ . In the process I also fixed #306861 , but
I didn't changed the Win32 specific part of xmlCanonicPath() at the
end of uri.c, someone with windows need to look at this and bring back a
patch for cleaning up that part too.
I can take a look at xmlCanonicPath when I get back (off tomorrow for the week for a much needed vacation).
What is bug 306861 (or was that a typo)? Cant access it from the bug system.

 Well, I think we can expect %20 in a file:// URL to be escaped. If it
is not flagged as such it's a grey area, the relative path could be interpreted
both ways . It is then context related, if out of context it should not be
escaped, if it was an URI-Reference say in an XInclude it should be unescaped
because we know it's an URI-Reference per the embedding spec and not a file
path. This is quite hairy to get right.
I just grabbed uri.c off viewcvs and so far doesn't seem to break how I handle the URIs passed to the callbacks. Have only done some quick tests as I'm fixing up some code in custom callbacks with URI problems but will run through it more when I return.


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