Re: [xml] spaces in uri, again

  Maybe the "I'm offended" attitude about you hitting a bug is one of the 
thing your original mail was wrong and need fixing.
  Giving the version number of libxml2 used, did it work in the past but failed
in a recent version, investigating the code, basically trying to present things
in a way that make it looks more fun than just an angry user would help.

I'm not ofended or angry, sorry if my mail looked liked that. I'm using the
latest version, 2.6.20, of course, on Linux. The same is with 2.6.18 (I'm
using it on another machine).

The case xmllint 'http://localhost/a%20b' is easier - it looks like when
parsing uri string to xmlUri struct all fields are unescaped (using
xmlURIUnescapeString) and then passed without modification to nanohttp
context, and then used without modification to create HTTP query. What is the
reason to unescape uri fields? And does an argument for xmlParseFile (for
example) should be already escaped?

In meantime I'll tty to find out why 'http://alpha/a b' is escaped to


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