Re: [xml] spaces in uri, again

> The problem is that this string taken in isolation doesn't mean much
> even if you think it's is an URI.

The only one who knows what is a good representation of particular URI is the application. So, perhaps, the reasonable thing to do is:

- if URI looks ok, try to load it without modifing
- if URI looks bad (for example, contains spaces), try to do something reasonable with it (something like xmlURIEscapeStr(uri, ":;/?,&"))

Perhaps even a global flag to force 'do not touch URI' can be used, so there is a way for application to pass URI as application wants, and not as libxml2 thinks. The one good thing is that now it doesn't work at all, so it's easy not to make it worse ;-)

Perhaps other users of library can tell us - are you passing URI's escaped or unescaped?


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