[xml] character encodings


Looking for advice, this isn’t a libxml problem per se.


Running a program on Linux that uses libxml2. It emits a block of XML which gets handed to an oracle package. The oracle package emits another block of XML back to my program.


Beginning in Oracle 10g, the XML emitted by Oracle is encoded in the database’s native charset, which if it’s running on Windows, means it is in “windows-1252” encoding. There doesn’t appear to be any (working) way to have Oracle change the char encoding.


If My program is running on linux, this is fine as iconv on linux knows about encoding “windows-1252”. If my program is running on AIX 5.2L, it is NOT fine, as the iconv on AIX appears to not know about that charset.


Has anyone else here had to deal with this (or similar) problem? If so can you offer advice on the best way to deal with it? (creating a custom iconv handler for aix looks to be a pain in the rear, and I’d love to avoid the necessity).





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