Re: [xml] Possible bug on content addition then node deletion.

On 24 Nov 2004, at 10:42, Kasimier Buchcik wrote:

No, in my example both text pieces are hold by adjacent text nodes;
please examine the resulting tree structure!

to 'Something' as content; with xmlReadMemory it isn't, it is separated into a separate text node.

This is an expected behaviour for a DOM tree; have a look at the
'Text' interface of the DOM API [1].

    I shall have to concatenate adjacent text nodes myself, then...

Concatenation of adjacent text nodes is done by xmlNodeGetContent.

The 'content' field for element nodes is always NULL.
Please have a look at the table describing the return values for
'nodeValue' for DOM [2], it reflects the 'content' field for libxml2
element nodes.

The behaviour of the xmlReader is correct here.

After comparing the trees generated by your code and mine, I see your point. I didn't realise that text nodes can end up chained together in this manner, hence I (wrongly) assumed that I could have been seeing a bug. I am now using 'xmlTextMerge' to join the relevant text nodes as I am pruning a node which does not allow xmlNodeGetContent to join the text nodes I need. Thanks for your input and valuable help on this Kasimier! What I though was a bug turned out to be an implementation issue I was not familiar with.


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