Re: [xml] Bouncy bouncy

Jose Commins said:

      Weird, I am being bounced from sending a reply to a thread - what
could be going on?


  Because of the tremendous amount of spam which tries to get onto the
xml/xslt lists each day, there are several levels of spam filtering being
applied to all posts.  For the vast majority, this is working quite well;
occasionally a post gets cast away into the netherlands, and that's probably
what happened to you (occasionally a bad one gets through, too, but
thankfully that's very infrequent).  Possible areas which could incur the
wrath of the filters include source addresses (if you inadvertently get onto
one of the spam-block lists), or certain specific words in the subject line
(unlikely if you are just replying to a thread).  If you are particularly
anxious to pursue it, you could send me a copy of the mail off-list and
(providing it doesn't get eaten by *my* spam filters) I could attempt to
analyse what happened.


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