Re: [xml] Core while parsing

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From: "Daniel Veillard" <veillard redhat com>
  ctx passed is NULL, no big deal we do not use it.
Then vfprintf is called on a NULL file while it explicitely check and
correct if xmlGenericErrorContext is NULL to use stderr. If your stderr
is NULL, well I don't know what you did but this sounds awfully broken.


Hello again,
we found out, that the error belong to the
libxml which was compiled with multithreaded support.
Then the stderr is NULL in

void xmlGenericErrorDefaultFunc(void *ctx ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED, const char *msg,
When we make a Libxml without multithread support
it doesn't core.

Do we have to do some special compiler options for
a lib with multithread support ?

Can you explain me in some words why the
libxml need multithread's ?

Thanks in advance
Volker Roth

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