Re: [xml] About libxml2/libxslt documentation

On 31.05.2004 12:07, pawel praterm com pl wrote:

On Mon, 31 May 2004, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

On 31.05.2004 11:23, pawel praterm com pl wrote:

And the last proposition - let's use the WIKI'like tool for maintaining this documentation. libxml2 has many users and at least some of them would like to help improving the library. But checking the CVS, making diffs and

Wiki? Why yet another meeting point? There allready is:

* GNOME Bugzilla, where actual issues can be posted. Anyone can post there.
* This mailing list, where anything regarding the software can be discussed. Subscription is required.
* An IRC channel, for real-time communication. Anyone can discuss there.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but for example - what should I do to add comment to xmlTextWriterStartElementNS that NULL prefix means 'default namespace'?

In order to make your change, you must post it either to Bugzilla or here and have it commited by someone who can commit.

You are not missing anything. In fact, I appreciate your eagerness to improve the documentation. It is just that the amount of trust you give the users if far beyond what I give them.

I am up to the following: How do you know that your interpretation of the return value is correct? More important, how does the project maintainer know that anyone's modification won't result in a nonsense which he must correct afterwards?

If everyone could commit changes, the project maintainer would be presented with an additional task of cleaning out wrong or malicious entries regularily. A Wiki system does not offer any means to prevent this.


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