Re: [xml] About libxml2/libxslt documentation

On 31.05.2004 16:23, pawel praterm com pl wrote:

On Mon, 31 May 2004, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Perhaps I'm missing something, but for example - what should I do to add comment to xmlTextWriterStartElementNS that NULL prefix means 'default namespace'?

In order to make your change, you must post it either to Bugzilla or here and have it commited by someone who can commit.

You are not missing anything. In fact, I appreciate your eagerness to improve the documentation. It is just that the amount of trust you give the users if far beyond what I give them.

OK, I wrote "WIKI-like" so that can mean 'wiki for logged users' or, like in PHP documentation, user-contributed notes (like this one:

That is something different. The documentation on that URL is made by maintainers and users cannot change it. They can only add notes, which are clearly marked as such.

That still doesn't free the maintainers from keeping a watchful eye on what users type. It isn't just the burden of additional work. The maintainer of the site can well be held legally responsible for the content of all postings.

The main clue was that docs are poor and need improvement. This was just an idea how to make it without generating more work for developers - by involving more users in improving docs.

That's okay, users can involve themselves as they please. I just wouldn't give them unrestricted publishing.

Let's wait until US wakes up ;-)

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