Re: [xml] register i/o callback functionality

From: Mike Hommey

One other issue I thought about is all the global variables. It is not
really a problem with apache 1.3 (provided that modules don't set them
in their initialization, but rather in the request loop), but definitely
might be with apache 2.0 with the threaded "engine".

This is actually not that big of a problem. It was a god send when thread
safety was added for most of the global stuff and thread support made
default during the build. As the stuff i work on needs to support multiple
OS and web servers, I typically use IIS and isapi to test the threading
issues (since IIS isnt consistant with its startup and shutdown thread it
makes it a good worst case scenario I find).

On that note, a big kudos to all those who worked on the thread support - it
sure made my life a hell of a lot easier :)


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