'Re: "Re: [xml] patch for w3c xml schema"'


on 5/11/2004 5:14 PM William M. Brack wrote:


  I applied your patches (with a little minor 'cosmetic' editing)

Thanks for that. Was it an indentation issue? I guess I still didn't 
figure out how to set the indentation properly in my editor. Any hints 
of how to configure msvs properly for libxml2 would be appreciated.

for xmlschemas.c, as well as the 2 include files, and also changed
the test for po1_0.  That much is committed to CVS.  I'll go
through the additional test cases in the next couple of days, and
get them committed as soon as I can.

I learned from "po1_0" that I cannot rely on the results produced by 
XSV. It still seems to be work in progress.

  Thanks very much for all of the effort you have put into this - it
will be greatly appreciated by many users!

I did not much improvement, the most was merely adding restrictions ;-)



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