Re: [xml] patch for w3c xml schema


  I applied your patches (with a little minor 'cosmetic' editing)
for xmlschemas.c, as well as the 2 include files, and also changed
the test for po1_0.  That much is committed to CVS.  I'll go
through the additional test cases in the next couple of days, and
get them committed as soon as I can.

  Thanks very much for all of the effort you have put into this - it
will be greatly appreciated by many users!



Kasimier Buchcik said:

Please find attached a patch for the w3c xml schema implementation.
Sorry that it comes in one piece: the changes did cumulate and are
interwoven, since I needed some time to be able to run the schema
regression tests on win32 before sending.

Patched files:


What it does:

1. Fixed handling of varieties of the xsd:simpleType element in
Test files:
xsd-simpleType-varieties.xsd - xsd-simpleType-varieties.xml

2. Expanded "xmlSchemaValidateCheckNodeList" to allow
This one is used in the test "xsd-simpleType-varieties" as well.

3. Expanded validity checks for xsd:element declarations in
Test files:
src-element1_0.xsd  (reports error)
src-element2-1_0.xsd  (reports error)
src-element2-2_0.xsd  (reports error)
src-element3.xsd  (reports error)

(Dummy test XML files included)

4. Implemented parsing the "itemType" attribute of the xsd:list
Note that validation with a xsd:list is not implemented yet.

5. Expanded validity checks for xsd:attribute declarations in
Test files:
src-attribute4_0.xsd  (reports error)
src-attribute3-2-type_0.xsd (reports error)
src-attribute3-2-st_0.xsd (reports error)
src-attribute3-2-form_0.xsd (reports error)
src-attribute3-1_0.xsd (reports error)
src-attribute2_0.xsd (reports error)
src-attribute1_0.xsd (reports error)
scc-no-xsi_0.xsd (reports error)
scc-no-xmlns_0.xsd (reports error)

(Dummy test XML files included)

6. Attribute "mixed" on <complexType> is ignored, if using
   (fixes Bug #141312)
Test files:
bug141312_0.xsd - bug141312_0.xml

7. Fixed target namespaces and resolution of QNames to schema
Test files:
po1_0.xsd - po1_0.xml (corrected from CVS)

8. Allowed <anyAttribute/> to be empty.
Note that validation with <anyAttribute> is not implemented yet.

The schema regression tests run fine - except for the original
po1_0.xsd, which is not correct as far as I learned.



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