Re: [xml] EBCDIC API

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 04:50:45PM +0200, jean-frederic clere wrote:

I need to use lib xml in an EBCDIC program. lib xml is obviously prepared 
to be compiled with a compiler that handles strings in ASCII.
Has someone already done something the area?

  Hum, there have been some feedback in the past of people
using libxml2 on mainframe. Their main problem was to upgrade
the compilers to use ASCI source C files instead of having the
compiler assume the spurce was in EBCDIC.

For me the best idea seems to write a wrapper that will wrap the API calls 
and do in each call the needed conversions.

  The APIs are UTF-8. If you want to use a different encoding, then
you will have to convert to/from UTF-8 to say EBCDIC. I consider this
an application specific issue.


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