[xml] Compiling the xml library with Borland C++ Builder 6 under Windows XP



I try to compile the libxml2 library under Windows using the Borland C++ Builder 6 compiler. I follow the instructions and fist execute the configure.js script by passing the arguments corresponding to Borland :


Cscript configure.js compiler=bcb prefix=c:\opt iconv=no debug=yes


Then I launch make –f Makefile.bcb


Here is the output :


        ilink32.exe -q -U2.6 -Lbin.bcb;c:\opt\lib;.;C:\Program Files\Borland\CBu

ilder6\lib\PSdk -Tpd -Gi c0d32.obj int.bcb\c14n.obj  int.bcb\catalog.obj  int.bc

b\chvalid.obj  int.bcb\debugXML.obj  int.bcb\dict.obj  int.bcb\DOCBparser.obj  i

nt.bcb\encoding.obj  int.bcb\entities.obj  int.bcb\error.obj  int.bcb\globals.ob

j  int.bcb\hash.obj  int.bcb\HTMLparser.obj  int.bcb\HTMLtree.obj  int.bcb\legac

y.obj  int.bcb\list.obj  int.bcb\nanoftp.obj  int.bcb\nanohttp.obj  int.bcb\pars

er.obj  int.bcb\parserInternals.obj  int.bcb\pattern.obj  int.bcb\relaxng.obj  i

nt.bcb\SAX.obj  int.bcb\SAX2.obj  int.bcb\threads.obj  int.bcb\tree.obj  int.bcb

\uri.obj  int.bcb\valid.obj  int.bcb\xinclude.obj  int.bcb\xlink.obj  int.bcb\xm

lIO.obj  int.bcb\xmlmemory.obj  int.bcb\xmlreader.obj  int.bcb\xmlregexp.obj  in

t.bcb\xmlschemas.obj  int.bcb\xmlschemastypes.obj  int.bcb\xmlunicode.obj  int.b

cb\xmlwriter.obj  int.bcb\xpath.obj  int.bcb\xpointer.obj  int.bcb\xmlstring.obj

,bin.bcb\libxml2.dll,,import32.lib cw32mti.lib wsock32.lib

Fatal: Unable to open file 'PSDK.OBJ'


I have no ideas to explain why it fails on the linkage. Can you help me to solve this problem please?




Cyrille Gautard


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