[xml] Release of libxml2-2.6.8

  This is the monthly release !
    ftp://xmlsoft.org/ and GNOME FTP mirrors

 This is mostly a bug fix release, plus some improvements of schemas
validation, xmlWriter, Python bindings and the beginning of the
refactoring of the serialization APIs:
* First step of the cleanup of the serialization code and APIs
* XML Schemas: mixed content (Adam Dickmeiss), QName handling fixes
  (Adam Dickmeiss), anyURI for "" (John Belmonte)
* Python: Canonicalization C14N support added (Anthony Carrico)
* xmlDocCopyNode() extension (William)
* Relax-NG: fix when processing XInclude results (William),
  external reference in interleave (William),
  missing error on <choice> failure (William),
  memory leak in schemas datatype facets.
* xmlWriter: patch for better DTD support (Alfred Mickautsch)
* bug fixes: xmlXPathLangFunction memory leak (Mike Hommey and William Brack),
  no ID errors if using HTML_PARSE_NOERROR,
  xmlcatalog fallbacks to URI on SYSTEM lookup failure,
  XInclude parse flags inheritance (William),
  XInclude and XPointer fixes for entities (William),
  XML parser bug reported by Holger Rauch, nanohttp fd leak (William),
  regexps char groups '-' handling (William),
  dictionnary reference counting problems, do not close stderr.
* performance patches from Petr Pajas
* Documentation fixes: XML_CATALOG_FILES in man pages (Mike Hommey)
* compilation and portability fixes: --without-valid,
  catalog cleanups (Peter Breitenlohner), MingW patch (Roland Schwingel),
  cross-compilation to Windows (Christophe de Vienne),
  --with-html-dir fixup (Julio Merino Vidal), Windows build (Eric Zurcher)

   thanks to everybody who contributed patches and fix or reported bugs,


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