Re: [xml] Re: Still problems when using libxml2 on mingw windows (includes patch)

Hi Igor...

xml-admin gnome org wrote on 06.03.2004 12:22:13:

I have to confess I am not running directly MSYS/MINGW. I am using
and compiling for mingw using gcc -mno-cygwin. In this case it pretty
behaves like a normal Windows system, but without having _CYGWIN_

No, it does not behave like naked Windows. You are still having a POSIX
layer, just don't link to it's libraries. You should probably do a
CC='gcc -mno-cygwin' and then run configure. You should in any case run
the compilation from within the bash shell and use the autoconf
Well... I doing exactly this "gcc -mno-cygwin". The resulting libxml2 dll
has absolutely no references to cygwin1.dll

Anyway the dll is absolutely ok, as far as I can see, no matter with which
version of the xmlexports.h file it gets compiled. When writing a program
that interfaces libxml2 the problems arises due to the IMHO missing dll
stuff when compiling the code that includes xmlexports.h.
By then xmlFree() is broken.

It is obviously not only me having this problem. Kenneth Haley  had
the same problem. His patch in Revision 1.9 of the file is identical to

He also filed a bugreport:



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