Re: [xml] Re: Still problems when using libxml2 on mingw windows (includes patch)

Hi Igor...

xml-admin gnome org wrote on 28.02.2004 16:43:40:
> Roland Schwingel wrote:
> > As I have seen it now, there was an identical patch applied in revision 1.9 > > (sheduled for 2.6.5) but then outbacked 3 months later with revision 1.10
> > (and now again in with revision 1.11)
> >
> > Strange...
> Not strange. I did it in 1.10 because the way you want it was breaking
> on my system. There was also a bug report with others expiriencing
> similar problems with your patch.
> In general, mingw does not need any __declspec declarations. It will
> export everything properly without them. Be it as it may, my mingw works
> with 1.10 but not with 1.11.
I have to confess I am not running directly MSYS/MINGW. I am using cygwin
and compiling for mingw using gcc -mno-cygwin. In this case it pretty much
behaves like a normal Windows system, but without having _CYGWIN_ defined.

When I am compiling with the definitions like in revision 1.10 it compiles all
very well but when using it in some applications the xmlFree() function is
not accessible it mostly points to invalid memory regions... The real cause
is hard to track down.

Hope we can sort this out soon...


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