[xml] Re: Still problems when using libxml2 on mingw windows (includes patch)

Roland Schwingel wrote:

Hi Igor...

Ho Roland,

I have to confess I am not running directly MSYS/MINGW. I am using cygwin
and compiling for mingw using gcc -mno-cygwin. In this case it pretty much
behaves like a normal Windows system, but without having _CYGWIN_ defined.

No, it does not behave like naked Windows. You are still having a POSIX layer, just don't link to it's libraries. You should probably do a CC='gcc -mno-cygwin' and then run configure. You should in any case run the compilation from within the bash shell and use the autoconf facilities.

When I am compiling with the definitions like in revision 1.10 it compiles
very well but when using it in some applications the xmlFree() function is
not accessible it mostly points to invalid memory regions... The real cause
is hard to track down.

There must be a different reason for that. Gcc in general doesn't need a __declspec thing, be it a cygwin or a mingw variant. Gcc exports all non-static symbols automatically. (As other compilers should do if I may add).

Hope we can sort this out soon...

Perhaps we can, if you continue playing right. You stated you were using mingw and in fact you were not. Your platform has very little to do with mingw.


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