Re: [xml] work for next release

From: Daniel Veillard

  I'm about to leave for Linux Tag in Karlsruhe Germany for a couple
of days, but when I'm back I will have a small week left for libxml2
and libxslt hacking, and I hope to be able to make a release within
next week. I had a lot of work recently and may have dropped items,
so if there is stuff I didn't handle and would need to be integrated
or applied before the next release, please drop a reply to this mail
and make sure if it's a bug that it's fully documented in bugzilla.
William should hopefully be back home too at the end of the week,
so making sure everything is in line for this week-end will be
appreciated :-)

Sorry to be so late getting back to this - have been away for past few weeks
and leaving in a couple hours for next few days so if you have any
questions, send them soon :)

Wanted to follow up on the potential header issue with the custom I/O
BufferCreateFilename addition.

For me things are working fine, but want to make sure its not going to break
any apps out there due to header ordering.



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