Re: [xml] Default Catalog On Windows, Deprecated API

On 15.06.2004 13:48, Peter Jacobi wrote:

If only to amuse those, who don't have to struggle with it:

Perhaps in the standard, but not in MSVC:

There are:
1) RTL functions, which always use the character set implied from setlocale
e.g. mbstowcs

2) RTL functions, which will use the character set given by setmbcp, which may or may not be the same as in 1)
e.g. _stat, spawn

3) RTL functions which give zilch about 1) and 2) and only use the current thread's code page.
e.g. fopen, open

In MSDN perhaps, but not in MSVC. :-) This doesn't really work as advertised for UTF-8, you saw it for yourself.

I'd give much for SetThreadCP (65001)

Actually, I can remember, somewhat foggy indeed, seeing the GetThreadCP (or GetThreadACP) somewhere, but I have never used it and the docs doesn't seem to mention it either. In fact, the function is not declared, neither in my platform SDK nor in the DDK. Where did you get that one from?


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