Re: [xml] Redirecting XML error output.

I have similar experience. My problem was I called
xmlSetGenericErrorFunc from one thread, while libxml2 errors appeared (lately) in another thread. When I set the error handler also in the other thread, my error handler function was correctly used.

libxml2 doc is slacking (not only regarding this issue) :-((

However, after debugging libxml2 and crowling thru its code my opinion is that error handlers are being set up on a per-thread basis.

hope it helps,

Jose Commins wrote:

I have tried using xmlSetGenericErrorFunc and xmlGenericErrorFunc to stop the parser from dumping information to the system log but it still outputs errors to it. I have seen on another post a way to pipe the stream to dev/null but I thought it would have been possible with the above functions?
    Any help greatly appreciated!


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