Re: [xml] Implementation of JAXP interface using libxml2

Daniel Veillard wrote:
I'm working on an implementation of JAXP using libxml2 and libxslt (this
is the GNU JAXP project, called libxmlj). I'm using libxml2 2.6.9.

I have a real problem with SAX conformance. As you are aware (cf
the xmlSAXHandler's resolveEntity doesn't get called to resolve entities.

As such, we can only get about 75% conformance against the W3C's XML
test cases ( (Not all of these test failures
are entity-resolver issues, some are character encoding issues.)

Are there any plans to implement the resolveEntity callback? If so, when
could it realistically be scheduled for?

  Have you looked at the entity loader API in libxml2 ?

to see examples of external entities loader see xmlNoNetExternalEntityLoader
in xmlIO.c

  This should give you all the flexibility you need.

Hi Daniel,

I've tried registering my own external entity loader function with xmlSetExternalEntityLoader, but it isn't being called when the parser encounters e.g.

  <!DOCTYPE doc SYSTEM "185.ent">

Is there something else I need to do?

Chris Burdess

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