[xml] initGenericErrorDefaultFunc weirdness.

        Odd, I am trying to use:


        But I get this error on compilation:

main.c:109: passing arg 1 of `initGenericErrorDefaultFunc' from incompatible pointer type

        And here's my function:

void MyXMLErrorFunction(void *ctx, const char *msg, ...)
        printf("Aiee!  And error has occured!\n");

I've tried everything: using the direct address, different assignments and so on, but I either get the same error or bus errors. I *do* have this working:

        xmlSetGenericErrorFunc(NULL, (xmlGenericErrorFunc)MyXMLErrorFunction);

        And that works fine.

But, am I doing something wrong with the declaration/assignment of 'initGenericErrorDefaultFunc' or is it b0rked?


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