[xml] python xmlReader remains in previous attribute

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With libxml2-2.6.11, the XmlReader does not appear to
move off an attribute and on to the next element after
Read() is done. Here is a test case to demonstrate the

#!/usr/bin/env python
import libxml2
xml = """<doc>
<element1 a1="1" a2="2" a3="3"></element1>
doc = libxml2.parseDoc(xml)
walk = doc.readerWalker()
while (walk.Read()):
 print "node name: " + walk.Name()
 if walk.NodeType() ==
  while walk.MoveToNextAttribute():
   print 'attribute: %s="%s"' % (walk.Name(), \

This prints the following:
node name: doc
node name: #text
node name: element1
attribute: a1="1"
attribute: a2="2"
attribute: a3="3"
node name: a3
node name: a3
node name: a3
node name: a3
node name: a3

The right number of node names are printed but after
reading the attributes all node names have the value
of the last read attribute.

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