Re: [xml] xmlDocDumpMemory() is VERY slow on Win32

On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 10:00:46AM +0100, Steve Hay wrote:
Well, putting a printf() call at the start of xmlCharEncOutFunc() shows 
that it gets called hundreds of times over (all evenly spread) when 
there is an encoding declaration in the XML file, but not even once when 
there isn't.  (I tried both with and without iconv support enabled in 
the libxml2 build.)

It seems that out->encoder is NULL in xmlOutputBufferWrite() [xmlIO.c] 
when there is no encoding declaration.

Is that what was expected?

  yes. Internal representation is UTF8. Saving to UTF-8 is a noop, 
conversion is needed for other encodings, perfectly normal.

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