Re: [xml] xmlDocDumpMemory() is VERY slow on Win32

Steve Hay wrote:

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

I don't know. I'm stuck on Linux at the moment, can't boot Windows until
tomorrow. Glancing at the libxml code, one thing I can say for sure. The
bottleneck is either in xmlCharEncOutFunc in encoding.c, or farther down 
the road in the UTF8toisolat and UTF8toUTF8.

If you use VC6, you can compile a profile-enabled libxml and see where it
spends most of its time. Somehow I have a bad feeling that this is a problem
in Windows memory manager and won't be fixed easily.


I am using VC6, but I don't have any profiling software available.  I'll 
try sticking some printf() calls in around the functions that you 
mentioned and see if I can find the bottleneck.

Well, putting a printf() call at the start of xmlCharEncOutFunc() shows 
that it gets called hundreds of times over (all evenly spread) when 
there is an encoding declaration in the XML file, but not even once when 
there isn't.  (I tried both with and without iconv support enabled in 
the libxml2 build.)

It seems that out->encoder is NULL in xmlOutputBufferWrite() [xmlIO.c] 
when there is no encoding declaration.

Is that what was expected?

- Steve

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