Re: [xml] problem with DLL

  Stil, doesn't tell me how to reproduce the problem ! There is
absolutely no information I can use to try to see if I can reproduce
it on Unix. And obviously doc/examples/xpath2.c which is part of the
regression tests on Unix, do modify an existing document, save
and free the result. 

It's a windows-only problem as you already assumed below. 

  You don't even state on which platform you're running, though the
DLL keyword might hint it's a problem on some sort of combination of
Windows OS and compilers, which is an excellent way to get into hellish
memory usage problems.

Sorry, I totally forgot to mention it. It's Windows 2000 SP2 with 
MSVC6. My bad.
And I already figured out what it is. Microsft's bad and different 
runtime libraries. Giving me a pretty hard time today.

  Sorry, there is no way in hell I'm gonna try to guess what's going
on while you don't even follow the basic guidelines for reporting
bugs I pointed you to :-(

I thought you were refering to the "recent version" :P

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