Re: [xml] Test failures with 2.6.10 on Solaris 9/SPARC

Albert Chin said:
$ gmake check

## XPointer regression tests
## XInclude regression tests
docids.xml result
1,19d0 < <?xml version="1.0"?> < <!DOCTYPE book [ < <!ELEMENT book
(doc)*> < <!ELEMENT doc (isid)*> < <!ELEMENT isid EMPTY> < <!ATTLIST
isid myid ID #IMPLIED> < ]> < <book> < <doc> < <isid myid="mine"/> <
<isid myid="dup"/> < </doc> < <!-- including another XML document
with IDs --> < <doc xml:base="test/XInclude/ents/ids.xml"> < <isid
myid="dup"/> < <isid myid="foo"/> < <isid myid="bar"/> < </doc> <

Not having a Sun system available to me for testing, it's a little
difficult to guess what's going wrong.  The message (as well as all
the following ones) is saying that the output produced differs from
the expected; the "1,19d0" is the 'diff' output, saying that lines 1
through 19 of the expected result were not produced by the test run.
 For this test, the script (Makefile) is running the newly-compiled
xmllint program with the "--xinclude" flag.

Could you please try running it "manually" and let me know what
happens, i.e. from /opt/build/libxml2-2.6.10 run:

  ./xmllint --xinclude test/XInclude/docs/docids.xml

Any further information which you can supply would be appreciated.

albert chin (china thewrittenword com)


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