[xml] xmlNodePtr->content always empty?


it seems to me as xmlNodePtr->content is always empty, although in the
document there is something!
My XML-testfile is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

And now, when I get a xmlNodePtr cur; via XPath, cur->name is right
("objects"), but cur->content is empty or someting like that... I can't
print it to the screen using cout or use it in any other way, but cout
behaves weird:

cout << "test: " << cur->content << endl;

leads to "test: ", but no new line at the end.

I hope you can help me! (I know that I'm likely simply to blind or
stupid to see my mistake...)


Nils Schnabel

(I'm  using libxml 2.6.6 on Mandrake Linux 10 CE)

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