Re: [xml] Virus Emails

Paul Robert Hayes wrote:
I, too, am concerned about the longer term growing virus problems because I am seeing them from other list servers besides XML.

What virus protection software is used on the servers? Any? Or is it just filters for headers, etc. Is this something that GNU should, could,would provide as a service? Are the opensource (A slew are listed

GNU (I assume you mean FSF) has obviously nothing to do with lists on It is a different gang.

on virus protections or commercial (Sophos, et cetera) being utilized on the server? What is's direction in implementing longer term solutions to virus protection? I think having a slew of useless emails coming from the doesn't look good (even if it is not their fault). Yes, I know there are no solutions contained herein, however perhaps we could talk through to a solution workable for everyone (well most people).

A MTA responsible for this mailing list is likely responsible for other mailing lists. I doubt that this list is treated in any special way. The setup of that MTA, or it's use of virus scanners, is better discussed elsewhere. That not because it is off-topic, it does concern us all, but because all lists are equally involved. That other place, that "elsewhere", is where administrators of those mail servers can hear you. There will be more information there.

Just don't ask me where that place is. ;-)

Some of these questions perhaps should not even be considered in the open email forum. However, a smaller group may be able to address the problems and help Daniel Veillard out.

The best way to help Daniel is to take care of yourself. If he knows that his subscribers have secured themselves, then he doesn't need to worry about being blamed for someone's grief.

Everyone must realise that mailing lists are not a secure medium. The subscription system fights spam successfully, but has little chance against self-spreading worms. Because it was never designed for a battle against its own subscribers.

The excellent Bruce Schneier's "Applied Cryptography" was for professionals with high security demands at the time it was written. Today it seems our ten year old kids must study its security aspects before they can play with the home computer without suffering damage from the faceless.

Simply put, protect yourself. Build your walls, but never believe you are safe. Rather assume that your walls will fall sooner or later and take care to detect the breach and minimise the damage. With that, not to mention your own benefit, you will give Daniel and every other list maintainer more help than they ever hoped for.

That being said, I would gladly address the problems and discuss about the ways to make the list traffic more secure. I have some ideas, even if they are a bit radical. But I do think this duscussion should not be held on this mailing list.


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