RE: [xml] libxml2 for win32 different from libxml2 for HP-UX?


first of all, it's not necessary to post several
messages to the same topic with different subjects.
It's confusing and annoying.
If you don't get an answer soon enough for your
situation it could be that
- you've irritated someone
- your posting lacks vital information

In this case an info about the libxml2 versions you're
using on the questionable platforms would be more
than helpful.

To your problem:
No, libxml2 is highly platform neutral, each version
behaves similar on each platform (at least AFAIK, i'm
using libxml2 on six different platforms, incl. HP-UX).
However there are pre-build binaries for different
platforms (don't know if HP-UX is among them), but
these binaries are not in any case up-to-date (but the
Win32 binaries usually are).

The xmlWriter is a quite new API, so, if you're using
an pre-build binary for HP-UX, i'd suggest to download
the current version of libxml2 and build it by yourself.

Good luck & Ciao, Markus

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Subject: [xml] libxml2 for win32 different from libxml2 for HP-UX?

    I've been making several developments using libxml2 (win32 version),
when I saw that you also had a HP-UX version I tough that I could use the
same code on both systems...
  I used some of the examples posted at your site and
serialized C structs and objects using XML. I used the xmlWriter API to get
the serialized object in a XML format. All went well in win32, no problems
  When I tried to compile the code in HP-UX, I get an error that it couldn't
find libxml/xmlwriter.h ?? I opened the depots and I couldn't find any trace
of the functions I used (with xmlWriter prefix).
 Is the HP-UX version different from win32 version? Do I have to recode the
serializer to make it work in HP-UX?
Thank You,
 Loletama Pine

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