[xml] Query about xmlReaderForMemory. It gets stuck.

I'm designing something which communicates through
XML, and I'm quite new to using the libxml library.
Though I'm making progress, my problem with
xmlReaderForMemory is slowing me down. The problem is
once I call xmlReaderForMemory, it doesn't exit from
that call.

Here's how I call it:

pReader = xmlReaderForMemory (sBuffer,
strlen(sBuffer), "", NULL, 0); 

sBuffer is a char * to a char [2048].

I am doing something wrong? I am forgetting something?
I need help! I tried searching the net for people who
have had similar problems or who have been using
xmlReaderForMemory but to no avail. I hope somebody
out there can help me.

Noob libxml

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