[xml] RTF? I will, just give me a hint.

Been using the libxml2 library for about a week.  I've ported from a
home-brew xml library that was done in-house to using this one.  Love it
so far.  And I've created trees, and I can dump things to files (which
has helped in debugging).  But I'm missing something simple.

I want to dump the contents of an xmlDoc to a char array.

char buffer[A_BAZZILLION];
xmlDocPtr xdoc;

memset(buffer, 0x0, sizeof(buffer));

How do I dump the contents of xdoc into buffer?  (Assume that I've
created the XML tree etc... already.  I need it in the buffer because my
current library does that and it's handed around in that fashion.


Kurt Schwind <kurt schwind arch com>
Arch Wireless

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