Re: [xml] libxml2-2.6.6 and SCO openserver 5.0.5

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 18:05, Scott Hurrey ser com wrote:

      I am a C/SCO 5.0.5 developer for a product that now needs to talk
xml with a third-party software package via TCP/IP. I downloaded and
installed libxml2-2.6.6 on my development system, followed the installation
instructions and got everything compiled and installed. I created a quick
executable using code examples for xmlwriter and it compiles fine. At
run-time I receive the following message:
dynamic linker: vipd: symbol not found: stat64

Seems like your SCO installation is... uhmm... lacking. See

I suggest that you try to built libxml only as a static library
(i.e. use the --disable-shared option for configure).

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