Re: [xml] configure options questions

Dear All,

while I developed on Linux. However, now on our target platform
I have come accross a segfault which came in xmlFreeInputStream,
which was called by xmlParseMemory on  some internal data structure.
> Now, this could well be our fault for having a bug in our implementation
of malloc, so no criticism to libxml until we know for sure.
(Our malloc is rather complex, backending in something called
qalloc, which distinguishes, between slow (DDR) and fast (on chip)
memories and cacheable and noncacheable memory regions)

  Hum, no idea where this might come from...

I have now managed to compile a v2.6.6 version of libxml,
and this segfault has in fact disappeared. (It was replaced
by another segfault elsewhere, but that one did not come
from libxml, nor from our complicated malloc. I have
fixed the new bug, and things now work)

All the best to you all, and as always, a big Thank You!
for the very prompt response Daniel,


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