[xml] configure options questions

Dear List Readers,
        I am trying to compile a really light libxml for an
embedded system. My libraries basically need to use the following

        parsing memory (xmlParseMemory)
and     xpath


        no networking

I have been using older versions of libxml until now (libxml2.5.11
installed on my laptop as part of Red Hat ) which worked fine
while I developed on Linux. However, now on our target platform
I have come accross a segfault which came in xmlFreeInputStream,
which was called by xmlParseMemory on  some internal data structure.

Now, this could well be our fault for having a bug in our implementation
of malloc, so no criticism to libxml until we know for sure.
(Our malloc is rather complex, backending in something called
qalloc, which distinguishes, between slow (DDR) and fast (on chip)
memories and cacheable and noncacheable memory regions)

However, I thought libxml-2.5.11 is rather old, so I downloaded
2.6.6. Imagine my surprise to see the explosion in configure
options,the search for a Fortran compiler etc.

I also noticed two new options:

and     --with-legacy

Could someone please explain which API's are considered
legacy (I may need to update my wrappers appropriately
to use the new non legacy APIs). Also what features / other
options does --with-minimum imply?

With best wishes,

Dr Balint Joo                         Post Doctoral Research Fellow
School of Physics
University of Edinburgh
Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
Scotland UK
Tel: 0131 650 6469 (from UK) +44-131-650-6469 (from outwith UK)
Fax: 0131 650 5902 (from UK) +44-131-650-5902 (from outwith UK)
email: bj ph ed ac uk           bj phys columbia edu
WWW  : http://www.ph.ed.ac.uk/~bj

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