[xml] xmllint --postvalid much slower than --valid

Hi Daniel, All,

this may or may not be related to the recent problem with slow DTD-validation 
of large documents with many ID/IDREFs 

The problem is, that running xmllint --valid on my document now takes about 5s 
which is quite perfect, but running xmllint --postvalid still takes about 
1m30s. So either the previous fix applies only to --valid and doesn't cover 
--postvalid (which I don't believe) or there is some similar issue, regarding 
just --postvalid and not --valid.  Skeletons of my documents are the same as 
before and can be found at http://pajas.matfyz.cz/dtdvalid-test.zip.

While trying to provide more information or even better to find the 
problematic spot, I recompiled libxml2 with -pg and ran gprof on xmllint but 
apparently I don't know how to use the tool correctly because I only got some 
useless information about a few calls within xmllint but no info at all about 
what's going on in libxml2 itself. How do I profile libxml2.so? (Do I have to 
recompile xmllint to link libxml2 statically?)


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