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Great job all..

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Subject: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.6.6

  Okay here is a new release: and GNOME FTP mirrors

This is mostly a bug fix release especially the potentially dangerous
buffer overflows discovered in the FTP and HTTP URL parsing code (historical
it was written before the module uri.c, ideally that code should now be
dropped), there is also a couple of minor API enhancements:

* nanohttp and nanoftp: buffer overflow error on URI parsing (Igor and
  William) reported by Yuuichi Teranishi
* bugfixes: make test and path issues, xmlWriter attribute serialization
  (William Brack), xmlWriter indentation (William), schemas validation
  (Eric Haszlakiewicz), XInclude dictionnaries issues (William
  and Oleg Paraschenko), XInclude empty fallback (William), HTML
  warnings (William), XPointer in XInclude (William), Python namespace
  serialization, isolat1ToUTF8 bound error (Alfred Mickautsch), output
  of parameter entities in internal subset (William), internal subset
  bug in push mode, <xs:all> fix (Alexey Sarytchev)
* Build: fix for automake-1.8 (Alexander Winston), warnings removal
  (Philip Ludlam), SOCKLEN_T detection fixes (Daniel Richard), fix
  --with-minimum configuration.
* XInclude: allow the 2001 namespace without warning.
* Documentation: missing example/index.html (John Fleck), version
  dependancies (John Fleck)
* reader API: structured error reporting (Steve Ball)
* Windows compilation: mingw, msys (Mikhail Grushinskiy), function
  prototype (Cameron Johnson), MSVC6 compiler warnings, _WINSOCKAPI_ patch
* Parsers: added xmlByteConsumed(ctxt) API to get the byte offest in input.

  That's a lot of bug fixed in two weeks, thanks to everybody who reported
bugs, provided patches or documentation updates !


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