Re: [xml] Using HTTP POST from XSLT to access webservices

It seems this idea is not new, but still nobody implemented it.

There is also <exslt:document> extension wich apparently doesn't let you to
get access to response message.

Does <exslt:document> do PUT or POST in case href is HTTP URL?


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Mikhail S Grushinskiy wrote:
 > Hello all,
 > I'm thinking about developing xslt extension element to allow HTTP
 > posting from XSLT, which
 > can be especially useful for web services. Does nanohttp in libxslt
 > support HTTP POST?

  Yes it does.

 > Has anyone worked on something like that? Are there any proposals for
 > dealing with HTTP POSTs from
 > XSLT (may be in exslt)?
 > It would be nice if input for 'post' could be prepared by regular XSLT
 > and output XML could be parsed by XSLT,
 > something like:

 > [snip]

 > (All this is hypothetical example).
 > Does this idea make sense? Or does something like this already exist?
 > Thank you for your suggestions :).

  Well, it makes sense and I think I saw such an extension for another
xslt processor (can't remember which one, sorry). Note that you have to
POST data, and also transmit some additionnal HTTP headers (like the
SOAPAction: header)...

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