Re: McCarthy Evaluation ( was Re: [xml] A long URL causes SEGV)

Reid Spencer wrote:


The question's already been answered so I'll provide a little history.
The construct you're referring to (the elimination of sub expression
computation with && and ||) is known as McCarthy Evaluation. John
McCarthy is the inventor of Lisp and current professor emeritus of
computer science at Stanford. He's a very accomplished AI researcher and
his elimination of sub-expression computation was borne from the need to
make LISP efficient. It turns out that its also a staple of computer
science being adopted by languages such as C, C++, Java, Algol, Pascal,
.... etc. You can read to your heart's content on Mr. McCarthy's

Thanks, Reid! That's exactly the direction I hoped for.

I heard about that page while I was studying "AI - A Modern Approach" by Russell/Norvig. I shall go there for a while, since my memory refresh cycle is long due.

I'll take the freedom to suggest others to read the docs of what they are using, rather than end like me, mainaining compliance to non-existent features for years. :-) :-)


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