[xml] Re: The DSO dilemna

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

IMO, xmlsec and libxml2 are not about loading dynamic libraries.
Thus, if there is a piece of code that can be re-used then I prefer
to re-use it. With ltdl there is a clear maintanance path. If tomorrow
there is a new platform XYZ that are supported by ltdl then current
xmlsec code almost automaticaly gets it too. With custom code you have
to write, debug and test new code on this new platform.

This is basically my feeling as well. Not using an existing base of code means you have libxml2 developer(s) spending their time reinventing and refining wheels that are already in use elsewhere :-)

Also, this is a perfect time to get any required modifications into libtool, as they are close to preparing for a 2.0 release. If xmlsec is using a "customized" version of ltdl, then maybe the best thing to do is to isolate those customizations and see which of them might be better merged upstream.

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