Re: [xml] [PATCH] DSO/Module Support

Joel Reed wrote:

i proposed using the ltdl library a long time ago, when i was implementing
the exslt:crypto extension. at that time, there was considerable
concern expressed on this list about using ltdl in a library that was
so widely used particulary wrt. symbol conflicts.

Yes, that is a big concern.

btw, xmlsec handles the symbol conflicts like this:

That seems like a prudent solution. Another option is bundle libltdl in the libxml2 distribution, but linked to a shared version (either previously existing on the user's system or installed during libxml2 install), to keep the symbols from being re-exported.

finally the licence issues of LGPL vs MIT, and the fact that
apache's APR DSO functions didn't use ltdl, led me to the current

That's another thought: does APR do you what you need?

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