"Re: [xml] xmlschema - simpleContent in complexType"

Hi Kasimier:

 >     <xsd:complexType name="BillInfoType1" mixed="true">
 >          <xsd:simpleContent>

. . .

Try removing the attribute "mixed" from the <complexType>. The attribute
"mixed" should have no affect if <simpleContent> is used [1], but this
seems to confuse the XML Schema processor by now. Additionally it would
be good to bugzilla this.

Removing (the 40 or so of) these in the .xsd fixed the errors and my test documents now validate against the schema. Yea! Thank you.

I will read your pointer to the standard and try and put together a small test case for bugzilla.

Thanks again -- I never would have figured this out.

-- Ward

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