"Re: [xml] xmlschema - simpleContent in complexType"


on 4/27/2004 9:29 PM Ward Willats wrote:

Hello List:

I am using LibXML2 2.6.9 on FreeBSD.

I have a big (proprietary, unfortunately) XML schema.

When I run it through xmlSchemaParse() I get a bunch of these:

   Found unexpected type 9 in BillInfo content model
   Found unexpected type 9 in DueDateInfo content model
   Found unexpected type 9 in List content model
   Found unexpected type 9 in List content model
   Found unexpected type 9 in Product content model

...and so on...

This error looks to be generated by xmlSchemaBuildContentModel() in 


Sure enough, this schema has a bunch of simpleContent blocks in 
complexType blocks. For example:

. . .

  <xsd:element name="BillInfo" type="BillInfoType1"
       nillable="false" minOccurs="0"/>

. . .

    <xsd:complexType name="BillInfoType1" mixed="true">
             <xsd:extension base="xsd:string">
                 <xsd:attributeGroup ref="BillToOtherTnAttrGrp"/>
                 <xsd:attributeGroup ref="BillInfoAttrGrp"/>
                 <xsd:attributeGroup ref="EffectiveBillDateAttrGrp"/>

Bug? Feature? Pilot error? To do? I'm far from an XMLSchema expert!

The "xmlspy" program on windows eats this schema without problem.

And for some reason, I _think_ I was able to read this with LibXML 
2.6.8 or 2.6.7 during preliminary testing, but not 100% sure now.

Sorry I can't give more context without violating various agreements.


-- Ward

Try removing the attribute "mixed" from the <complexType>. The attribute 
"mixed" should have no affect if <simpleContent> is used [1], but this 
seems to confuse the XML Schema processor by now. Additionally it would 
be good to bugzilla this.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/PER-xmlschema-1-20040318/#d0e7881



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