[xml] John Fleck

        I have tried to build John Fleck's xslt example.
        It builds, yet it does not run.
        I get access violation errors.
        I copied straight form the web to start my self running, yet it does not work.
        Are there any xslt examples that work ?
        I am using
        libxml 2.5.10
        iconv 1.8
        libxslt 1.0.32
        I tried to update to new code, yet I get ordinal errors when running.
        I have also tried to contact Igor Zlatkovic to ask about the zlib library.
        Everything builds fine for me, yet I get ordinal errors when I run.
        I don't understand the old versions of libxml work fine.

        I can't get xslt to work :-(
        The mailing list is of now help as well as the bug list.

Thank you,

Ethan Leet
Software Engineer
Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego
     1801 State Route 17C MD 0315
     Owego, NY 13827-3998
Department:  L91
Location:      104B Col. C1
Phone:         (607) 751-4220
Email:           ethan c leet lmco com

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